What our clients say about our safaris

Eric Swanson

“I have hunted for the last 6 years with Garry Kelly Safaris. Sometimes twice a year. They have some of the best areas in Africa. Their experience in the industry speaks for itself.”

Eric Swanson - Dallas, Texas

Dave Ellison

“You will only get a first class experience when you hunt with Garry Kelly Safaris. The memories and friendships that have been created will last a lifetime. Thank you GKS for all the great memories over the years.”

Dave Ellison - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Joe and Tina Haynes

“After hunting with Garry Kelly Safaris for many years we decided to take our grandson on his first trip at the age of 7. He had the trip of a lifetime thanks to Cullen and the GKS team. Look no further than Garry Kelly Safaris, they are the best in the business.”

Joe and Tina Haynes - San Antonio, Texas

Randy Rehmann

“Thank you to Garry Kelly Safaris for making such fantastic memories for me and my family. They offer a honest and professional services and some of the best areas in Africa.”

Randy Rehmann - Austin, Texas

Andy Anderson

While our 2016 safari was incredible, 2017 was FANTASTIC! You and your crew found the animals desired professionally and with deft professionalism. I am very grateful for you and your staff accommodating my physical disabilities. You are the best of the best. Looking forward to the next safari.

Andy Anderson - San Antonio, Texas

Mike Walsh

This was our first safari and we had very high expectations. I can say that our safari was absolutely spectacular. We were so fortunate to have Murray Clayton as our PH. Murray was so professional, friendly and engaging and he oversaw every aspect of our experience. He was way more than a guide and we sincerely consider him a lifelong friend.

Mike Walsh - Boston, Massachusetts

Bill Britain

“Safari Companies can be judged by many measures. Some of my top parameters are— trophy quality, staff friendliness delivering over the top service, operational safety and ethical, seasoned, knowledgeable Professional Hunters. No doubt, there are companies delivering in one or another of these areas, but I’ve learned, while hunting with the Kelly’s over the past 20 odd years —-they’re all a very welcome and rock solid —-given!”

Bill Britain

Nathan Savage & family

Thank you for a second wonderful safari. Garry Kelly Safaris sets the standard which is why we are already booking a third adventure with you. The real difference is found not only in what you do but in how you do it. Every detail was attended to in a positive and professional atmosphere.

The Nathan and Shannon Savage Family

Andy K

Cheers to another great hunt with Garry Kelly Safaris, with memories for a lifetime.  The professionalism of the GKS team is unmatched in the industry.  As always Sean and Cullen provided an exceptional experience, adapting to all the challenges of truly wild hunt.  They also provided an exceptional non-hunting safari for the rest of my family.  I only refer companies that I am willing to work with myself, and GKS is my preferred Safari Outfitter for all of Africa.  The Kelly’s have created more than just a client/PH relationship, they have given me an African Family.

Andy K. - Missouri

Charles Blackmon – Clinton, South Carolina

Having completed numerous safaris to Botswana, Liberia, and the Central African Republic since 1986, I was skeptical that South Africa could provide a comparable safari experience of rugged expanses and free range animals to which I was accustomed. My wife and I traveled to the Mkuze Falls area on safari with Garry Kelly Safaris in August, 2018 and were pleasantly surprised. The tented camp experience was the main reason we chose this particular area with Garry, but our expectations were really exceeded by the vast ruggedly beautiful terrain and the abundant diversity of animals and bird life. The presence of lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino, and hippo made it more than an African Dream but a real African experience. Thanks to Garry and his entire staff who provided an exceptional experience.
Clinton, South Carolina

Charles "Scooty" Blackmon - Clinton, South Carolina

Mel Roschelle

I just completed a most successful and enjoyable safari with Sean in Uganda. We were blessed with several magnificent trophies. I have hunted with Sean many times over the years. Why? In my 76 years, I have hunted in many places and have never hunted with a more professional, ethical, efficient PH/guide.  Sean is an exceptional judge of animals and has the patience to find the animal the client wants. ( Not hurry up and shoot something ) Sean works hard to make the safari the “client’s safari”.

Sean and Garry Kelly Safaris work hard to make your safari enjoyable from the time you walk out of the airport until you are on a flight to your next destination. The integrity and professionalism of GKS is unquestionable.

Mel Roschelle

Martin Arnold

Darren and I arrived yesterday morning around 9 AM. I have to say it was the greatest time of my life! I enjoyed everything while I was there! The food was amazing the staff was always attentive. My tracker Mousie (sorry spelling) was the best I had ever seen. The intern in camp Tyler was also great. You don’t see kids like that with the work ethic that he shows at his age. Garry runs a tight ship and I really enjoyed getting to know him. You can see why he has been able to make it this long in a business that outfitters come and go every year! He does a phenomenal job. Last but certainly not least….Murray.  I can’t say enough good things about him. He worked his butt off and made my first African Safari one I will remember for the rest of my life!! He answered all my questions and I had tons. He carefully picked out the animals I was allowed to take to insure that they would all be trophies and for that I’m grateful! He could have easily let me take just anything. I also appreciate the time leading up to my trip that I would message him about things and he would promptly answer my questions. I’m sure I was a little annoying at times. I have to say Mr. Kelly is lucky to have him on his staff.

I look forward to my next adventure with Garry Kelly Safaris!!!

Thanks for a lifetime of memories,

Martin Arnold

P.S. How can I get Promises recipe for her venison stew? It was so good!!

Martin Arnold

John and Nancy

This was one of my best hunts ever. We loved the camp and property. The Big 5, the terrain and number of animals made for very realistic and challenging hunting. As always, Cullen never ceases to amaze me. Very satisfied.

John and Nancy

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