Cape Buffalo Hunts

Garry Kelly Safaris has more than 50 years of hunting cape buffalo. Our extensive, in-the-field experience makes this a hunt of a lifetime for our clients. Garry Kelly Safaris is one of South Africa’s leading cape buffalo hunting companies. Our business is family-run and has a heritage of protecting our wildlife going back to 1816 when our family members emigrated from Ireland. If you truly want the Cape Buffalo hunting experience and want the opportunity to take a mature “dagga boy”, then Garry Kelly Safaris should be your first choice.

Why hunt buffalo with Garry Kelly Safaris?

  • Out of Africa style hunting camps 

  • Unequaled attention to detail 

  • Buffalo hunts that are done by “walk & stalk”. This is where the true excitement and experience is

  • Concessions that are not over burdened with hunting rule and regulations

  • 4 of the most experienced Professional Hunters around with a combined hunting experience of over 100 years

  • All our buffalo hunts are done on areas were buffalo have existed since the beginning of time. These are not game farms. These buffalo are in their natural habitat.

buffalo hunt

Other important factors for the buffalo hunter:

  • None of our buffalo come from breeding establishments, have been darted or measured beforehand.

  • Without question, we hunt some of the finest Buffalo concessions in South Africa. Garry Kelly Safaris will also arrange buffalo hunting on the finest concessions in Botswana, Tanzania, and Uganda.  

  • All our quotas whether hunting Buffalo or any other Big 5 or plains game are strictly controlled to ensure the highest standards of species management.

  • To achieve the ultimate buffalo hunt experience, each hunt will consist of 1 Professional Hunter, the client and spouse, and 2 trackers. We keep the group small and personal. This type of hunt is a life-altering experience.

Other important factors for the buffalo hunter:

  • Our combined areas have over 1500 buffalo with many herds of over 200.

  • This is ethical buffalo hunting at its very best in the most pristine African bush.

  • We are also able to provide bow hunting for buffalo as well on a walk and stalk basis 

  • Not one ounce of meat goes to waste. It is used for the local communities or turned into Biltong\Jerky.

  • All buffalo hunted will be old Hard Boss bulls. This is a standard conservation practice for Garry Kelly Safaris and applies to all other species that Garry Kelly Safaris hunts.

  • Hunting is about the all round experience culminating in the shooting of the animal. Its not about the kill. 

Garry Kelly Safaris is the premier outfitter for your Cape Buffalo hunt.

Garry Kelly Safaris lives by the motto

“We always admire, value, and respect the animal that has been taken.”

cape buffalo grazing in South Africa

If you want the Cape Buffalo hunt of a lifetime

contact Garry Kelly Safaris today.